Clementine and iPhone/iPod

The problem

The questions were asked at Google Questions, AskUbuntu and Ubuntuforums.

When iPhone/iPod plugged to Clementine (Ubuntu 12.04) an error occurs:

Error during XML parsing of file /tmp/qt_temp.******/iTunes_Control/iTunes/PlayCounts.plist

The official page has no the description of this bug.

Google gives the following:

The solution

To overcome this silly problem you are required to have any computer with iTunes installed. Plug in your iPhone/iPod and click on the Play Count tab in the main browsing window to sort songs by most played in descending order. Select songs with non-zero play count, right-click and choose Reset Play Count. Confirm by clicking Yes. That’s it!

After this manipulations your Clementine should play your iPhone/iPod properly.

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